BioBlender: Open Program on GitHub

BioBlender is now an Open Program. You can find it on GitHub at this page.
Please note that the program is not fully functioning: if you are a programmer please check it out and help to fix it.

SciVis team

Written on February 2nd, 2015.

Bioblender 1.0

Bioblender 1.0

We are pleased to provide the new BioBlender, version 1.0, for Windows and Linux.
Please note that this version is an Addon to be uploaded into the current version of Blender, as detailed in the ReadMe file.

We have tested it with several molecules, but of course there might be details that we have overlooked. You are welcome to send us any comment, writing to the address in the ReadMe file.

Thanks for using BioBlender

SciVis team

Notice to BioBlender users (05-march-2014).
Version 1.0 has been demonstrated inadequate in two major features of the program.
It cannot import proteins of medium to large size, and cannot calculate MLP. For this reason we have withdrawn it, while we look for solutions to the problems.
Apologies to all.
If you wish to be notified of new release, please send a mail to

If you have programming skills, and wish to contribute voluntarily to solving these problems, we are happy to hear from you.


Written on March 5th, 2014.

BioBlender 0.6

BioBlender 0.6

We release BioBlender v 0.6, made in collaboration with Nicolas Ferèy who integrated the calculation of proteins trajectories using Normal Mode Analysis (as calculated by ProDy package). Please download ProDy from here (our tests were done using 0.8.3 version) and install it on your computers.

What’s new

  • Better calculation for Game Engine: adjusted settings for the rigid body.
  • New Normal Mode Analysis import: BioBlender can now elaborate data from ProDy. Please refer to ProDy page for information on settings.

Minor adjustments:

  • Default keyframe interval is now 100 frames. Interpolation is much better
  • Longer and less bright particles for EP visualization
  • Alpha Carbon view has been removed

How to use NMA in BioBlender

To perform NMA, select a .pdb file without importing it in the BB scene. Set NMA options and calculate PDBs, set the Keyframe Interval (default is 100 and the motion is very slow) and press Import PDB button.

Please note that version 0.6 of BioBlender is operating properly only on Linux system.
We are working to update the program for Windows, and to adapt it to the latest version of Blender.


BioBlender 0.6 for Windows

BioBlender 0.6 for MacOS

BioBlender 0.6 for Linux

Written on November 14th, 2011.

BioBlender v0.5.2 for Linux and Mac OS

We have finally managed to set up BioBlender for Linux and Mac users!

You can download the two packages below.
Please let us know of any problem you meet using this program.

MacOS version

Linux version

Written on October 17th, 2011.

3D Interactive Visualization Tutorial Released

This tutorial shows how to make your 3D Interactive visualization using the template folder. Please visit SciVis website for more information and examples.

Written on August 3rd, 2011.

BioBlender v0.5.2 Released

The new version of BioBlender (BioBlenderv0.5.2) does not need a template.blend file to start. BB interface is available when Blender is launched from the BioBlenderv0.5.2\Bin folder. A new representation for hydropathy is available: MLP values are mapped on the atoms and are visualized as levels of grey (Atomic MLP button in BioBlender View panel). VBO was also disabled as crashes on startup were reported.

Download .rar or .zip

Written on July 1st, 2011.

BioBlender tutorial on BlenderArt Magazine

It’s now online our tutorial on BioBlender, from the BlenderArt Magazine website.

Download the pdf version from here.

Written on January 19th, 2011.

BioBlender v0.5.1 Released

This release contains minor bug fixes of BioBlender v0.5 related to aminoacids lists creation.

Download from .rar or .zip

You will find the scripts inside the BioBlender release (BioBlenderv0.51/Bin/2.55/scripts/ui/Bioblender)

Download the patched source of Blender (svn version 31511) here

Download the patch only ( to apply to svn version) here

Written on January 19th, 2011.

BioBlender v0.5 Released

This release provides an interface update that allows the user to explore the imported proteins through lists of proteins’ chains and proteins’ aminoacids.

These lists are added to the BioBlender interface, within three new panels (“BioBlender View Aminoacids list”, “BioBlender View Chains list”, “BioBlender View Proteins list”). The panels are placed above the “Import file” panel, and each new panel contains a list as described in its title.

When a .blend file is loaded, the lists are empty. The user can populate the lists using the “Update lists” button in the “BioBlender View Proteins list”. The lists will be populated with data relative to the objects imported in the scene. The lists can be used to study the proteins’ sequence and to select single aminoacids or whole chains.

The release provides the possibility to import molecules including the following kind of atoms: Ca, S, P, Fe, Mg, Zn, Cu, Na, K, Cl, Mn, F.

The release fixes some minor bugs.

Download from here.

Written on January 18th, 2011.

BioBlender v0.4 Released

This release includes some bug fixes of BioBlender v0.3 based on Blender 2.55 Beta.

Written on December 3rd, 2010.

BioBlender is created and maintained by the SciVis Group of the Institute of Clinical Physiology - CNR, Italy.